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Model EP8HL is CSA® certified for use where the possibility of a hazardous environment exists as defined by the National Electric Code® including: Class I, Group D; Class II, Group G or Class III atmospheres. AC electric motor power source. Special, statically-conductive ducts and separate storage accessories are designed for specific use in hazardous locations.

EP8HL VelociMax™ Hazardous Location Air Ventilation BlowerEP8HL VelociMax™ Hazardous Location Air Ventilation Blower
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  • Power Source: .33 HP, 115 VAC, Single Phase, explosion-proof motor
  • Fan Type: Radial
  • Construction: Spark proof
  • Duct Diameter: 8.0 inches, staticallyconductive w/ground
  • Free Air Flow: 1277.4 CFM

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