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The Best Is Getting Even Better...
We live by example. As a global leader, we stand behind everything we say and do. General Equipment Company products and services established the industry standards by which others follow driving productivity, service life and ROI. We also realize we cannot live on our laurels and expect you to just go along for the ride accepting what’s handed to you. We listened and have invested heavily in people, new manufacturing and sales support software, plus new products to strategically drive improvements that benefit you, our customer, our channel partners and the markets we serve.
We keep pushing the envelope. Before product ever makes it to the production floor, we pay attention to product design details that no one else does. From the balance of how a machine handles and maneuvers, to engineered in ergonomics reducing fatigue and stress, to ease of adjustment, to how it fits in the trunk of a person’s car to name a few. Engineering perfected through years of experience, market knowledge and research. We eliminate the problem before it ever reaches your hands.
We finish what we start and build on that foundation. We have the proven manufacturing know how and capabilities to bring product concept to reality, plus industry leading customer service. The total goal is to impress you, exceeding your expectations every step of the way. We want you to think and say, “Wow!”
We’re tenacious in approach, rebels limited only by our imagination, creativity and the fact we care deeply about the product we provide you, how it affects your business and how you are treated as a person and as our customer. We’ve earned your trust and we intend to keep it that way. When you buy a General, you buy the best extreme duty light construction product and service available. Absolutely no one does it better. Enjoy the new product additions to the catalog. More is planned and coming your way soon!
We appreciate you and thank you for your continued support.
General Equipment Company

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