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To find out where you can purchase General light construction products in your area.
Contact your local representative listed below:
Your General Sales Representative is:
JS Performance Marketing, LLC
2300 Woodforest Parkway North Ste 250499
Montgomery, 77316

Contact Information
Toll Free: 877.596.3903
URL: www.jspmreps.com

Staff Member:
Chris Gardner
South/South Central Texas, South of Hwy. I-10 East to a North/South line thru Victory, Texas. Includes El Paso & san Antonio.
Telephone: 210.870.9839
Email: Chris@jspmreps.com

Staff Member:
JMax Quenon
Central/Southeastern Texas, South of Hwy. 84, North of Hwy. I-10 & East of Hwy. 377 & a North/South line thru Victory, Texas. Includes Waco. Louisiana South of Hwy. 84, 171, 28 & 425. Mississippi South of Hwy. 84.
Telephone: 281.900.6122
Email: Jmax@jspmreps.com

Staff Member:
Meredith Larue
Southern Arkansas South of Hwy. 40, 430 & 30. Northern Louisiana North of Hwy. 84, 171, 28 & 425 (includes Alexandria). Northern Mississippi North of Hwy. 84. Oklahoma in Southeast corner South of Hwy. 70 & East of Hwy. 271. East Texas North of Hwy. 84 and east of Hwy. 19, 24 & 271 (does not include Paris, Sulphur Springs, Canton, Athens & Palestine).
Telephone: 318.780.0049
Email: Meredith@jspmreps.com

Staff Member:
Brad Lisman
West Texas, North of Hwy. I-10 & 84, West of Hwy. 19, 24, 271 & 377. Includes Paris, Sulphur Springs, Canton, Athens & Palestine (does not include Waco).
Telephone: 817.776.3083
Email: Brad@jspmreps.com

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